About Us

Sweet Blossom Company was founded by Juanita Ramos with the goal of offering the best handmade goods for your bath and home. What began as a hobby, grew into a passion for creating soaps, candles and lotions from all-natural ingredients that smell just like the real thing.

Growing up in a small rural community surrounded by fruit and nut trees, Juanita saw firsthand how important the bees were to the pollination of the blossoms on the trees. Drawing from this inspiration, her products are made with long-burning beeswax and goat’s milk that give her lotions and soaps a luxurious texture.

Juanita’s effervescent energy and the authentic connection she makes with her clients at the local Farmer’s Markets are what makes her customers return to Sweet Blossom, “This is the medium that I use to connect with people. It brings me so much happiness to think my products are brightening someone’s day.”

Look for Sweet Blossom products in local stores, wineries or hotels in the Napa Valley or online at sweetblossomco.com.